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ME- Hyde School
Boys, Day & Boarding, College preparatory
616 High Street,Bath, ME
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Basic information:
Founded Year: 1966
Campus Size: 145acres
Grades Offered: 9-12,PG
Boarding Grades: 9--12,PG
Student #: 295 Total
Boarding student percentage:100%
International Students:18% (from 14 countries)
Hyde School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASAC)


Academic related:
Average Class Size: 6     
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:5
Number of AP Courses: 12AP
Teachers Holding Advanced Degrees: 65%
SAT Average:  1830 (TOP 50%)
ESL: offer ESL


School hights:
#8 in 2017 Best Private school in Maine State
Offer 12 AP courses
100% of our student population chooses to board
98% graduates are accepted to 4-year colleges


Nearest Airport:
We are located just 30 minutes north of Portland, Maine where they have a small but wonderful International Jetport (PWM), with daily flights to several major US cities including NYC, Chicago, and Washington DC. We are also fortunate to be exactly 2 hours from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). There is a bus from Portland that goes directly to BOS several times a day. We also are fortunate to have a bus that travels between NYC and Portland, ME a few times a day.


About School:
Hyde is a college preparatory school that places a major emphasis on character development through participation, effort, and family. We have found that our most successful international students are one’s who come in eager to not only learn in the academic classroom, but experience the US culture through involvement. We require that all of our students participate in three athletic teams per year, that they participate in the Performing Arts program, and that they also participate in Community Service. Developing a well-rounded student is of upmost importance to us.

I think the most important advice that I can give as both a Hyde graduate and a current faculty member/admissions counselor, is to encourage the student and family to be open. While I love learning about a student’s successes and strengths, I also want to hear about what they struggle with so that we can help them feel more confident in themselves. A humble, honest, hardworking and open student is a successful student at The Hyde School.

Hyde’s founding principles are Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity and Concern. These principles are at the core of everything we teach, and it’s this focus on character education that makes our school distinctive.

Hyde’s rigorous college-preparatory curriculum is designed to make sure our students succeed in college, their careers, and their lives after Hyde. Our classes are small, student-focused, and engaging—we often find students talking about what they’ve learned long after the last class of the day has ended. Over the last 5 years, 98% of our graduates have gone on to a 4 year University. The other 2% have either taken a gap year, enrolled in the Service, or started at a 2 year university.


International students:
We currently have 27 international students from several different countries on our Bath Campus, counting for about 18% of our total school population.  With the combination of both campuses next year, we are still committed to this number remaining below 20%. Our students come from many different cultures, which is also something that we are committed to sharing with the community. While the Asian population is the largest, with about 40% of our international makeup, we also have a large population from different countries in Africa, as well as Eastern Europe. Some countries that are represented are: China, South Korea, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Cameroon, South Africa, and Rwanda.


School Dorm:
100% of our student population chooses to board.

Our dorms do close during Thanksgiving (November) and Christmas Holidays. In the recent years, we have worked with several programs for our students to partake in. However, we have not been successful in finding a program that they have enjoyed. That being said, we are still open to working with agencies and programs for international students during breaks.

More often than not, our international students choose to travel with other students during Thanksgiving break, and travel home for Christmas break. Also, with our roommate policy, we find that international students choose to spend time with their domestic roommate’s family.

If all of those options do not work, we have several Alumni families in the area that love to welcome students. Personally, my roommate during my senior year at Hyde was from Rwanda. Ten years later and she still spends most holiday’s with my family. She has become a sister to my brothers and I and is


Tuition and fees:
Currently (November 2016) the full year academic tuition for international students ranges from $59,000 to $61,000, depending on the health insurance that the family chooses.
For Mid-Year enrollment (January), it is about $39,000 for international students. The tuition includes everything except for travel; ESL, books, room and board, etc.


Summer program:
We offer several summer programs for both domestic and international students. We are very fortunate to have a wilderness campus in Northern Maine and are able to utilize throughout the year, but especially in the summer. Throughout all of the summer programs, in addition to the Hyde Faculty, we also have student and college interns. I believe that the intern program is an incredible way for our incoming students to make a connection to someone their own age at Hyde before enrolling in the Fall.


In June we offer an academic based program which can be used to credit recovery, specifically for students that need to make up a lost or incomplete credit. June is also a time for students to receive credit for a class that they are unable to take during the year that they are interested in. We have an incredible STEM program with a Robotics Team (Winter Sport Team), and hope that with interest from students we can incorporate this into the June Program.


In July we offer Summer Leadership Challenge, a 4 week immersive program for students and families who are looking for a fun yet challenging experience. SLC includes an academic component while focusing on the student’s personal growth through leadership, confidence, and new experiences. This is often described as a “Crash Course” on what a school year at Hyde looks like.


And finally our August program is called The American Experience. Over the years, we have found that our new enrolling international students we not as successful when they were thrown into the school year without any time to adjust to the US culture and education. American Experience, or AmEx, is dedicated to TOEFL seminars, science classes with experiments and observations at local institutions, and excursions to nearby cities and University Campuses. During AmEx 2016, our students participated in a whale watching excursion, visited Boston, including MIT and Harvard, explored the local mountains with hiking excursions, and enjoyed the local, very popular cuisine, Seafood!

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