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VA-Oak Hill Academy
Coed, Day&Boarding, college preparatory school, Baptist-affiliated
2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363
Staunton, Virginia 24401
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Basic information:
Founded Year: 1878
Campus Size: 240acres
Grades Offered: 8-12
Student :150-160
International Students:18%


Academic related:
Average Class Size:8-10     
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:10
Number of AP Courses: 2
Teachers Holding Advanced Degrees: 65%
SAT Average:no requirement
ESL: offer summer program
Test Site for: no testing requirement


School highlights:
96% of graduates are admitted to a 4-year college or university over the past 12 years.


The Academy is situated on a campus of 240 acres with woodlands, landscaped areas, playing fields, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, riding arena, and scenic lake. We are located in the beautiful mountain countryside.  We do offer a lot of off-campus trips to metropolitan areas for culture, shopping, etc., especially to our international students through our international club which is sponsored by our ESL teacher, Mr. Chris Hill.


Oak Hill Academy is committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for our students. With experiential educational and boarding history, our school fosters a community of learning and growth. 
Tuition and Board for international students:
Total Tuition for 2016-2017 is   $39,650.There is a required a $2,500The ESL course fee, if the student needs ESL support.


About School:
Oak Hill Academy is a non-military, Baptist-affiliated, co-ed boarding school that provides a college preparatory education for young men and women, grades 8-12.


Our core beliefs are:

  1. Deep down inside, all children are good.
  2. Regardless of academic ability, every child is capable of success.
  3. All children would rather succeed than fail.
  4. Once a child gets a taste of success, he or she will want more.

Our school is likely to be located many miles from you.  We are safely tucked away from the distractions that can affect teens so dramatically.  Through this website we seek to minimize the distance and transport our rural campus to you personally.  So, welcome to the Oak Hill Academy website.  We are a school, a community, a place for students to grow and to become their very best.  We are Oak Hill Academy, we are the Turning Point.


Academic Courses:
ENGLISH (Must complete four units.)
SCIENCE (Earth Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Anatomy, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics)
SOCIAL STUDIES (World Geography, Religion, U.S. History, U.S. Government)
COMPUTER (Keyboarding/Intro to Computer Applications, Intermediate Computer Applications, Web Design, Yearbook )
FINE ARTS (Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Beginning Guitar, String Band, Music Lab, Chorus ,World Music, Film Theory)
ELECTIVES (Study Skills, Study Skills for Geometry, Study Skills for Algebra, Critical Reading, Writing for College, Speech and Communication in the 21st Century, Creative Writing, African-American History, Psychology, Business Management and Personal Finance, Advanced Engineering and Technology)

The AP Capstone™ program is a two-course sequence of AP Seminar and AP Research that allows students to explore real-world issues while developing the analytic, research, problem solving, and communication skills that colleges look for in an applicant.


For students who are interested in competing in horse shows, Oak Hill Academy maintains a quality string of show horses.  Students who are involved in this more advanced level of riding are required to help care for and maintain the horses they show.  The group travels to shows and participates in local, state, and national levels of competition.  The fees and expenses involved are billed through the student’s expense account.


2 AP COURSES:Calculus AB and Studio Art: 2D Design,
Athletics and Sports: Baseball ,Basketball, Cheering ,Soccer ,Tennis, Volleyball


Clubs and Organizations:
"Planting Seeds" program with local elementary school Art Club Choir, Pep Band, Drama Horseback Riding, Flag Football, Paintball, Snow Skiing, Weightlifting, Yoga, Canoeing String Band Swim Club, Hiking


Colleges attended by our student
Princeton University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Virginia
University of Washington at Seattle
University of Wisconsin, Madison
College of William and Mary
Syracuse University
University of Connecticut
University of Maryland
Virginia Tech
Clemson University
University of Miami
Indiana University Bloomington
University of California at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara;


Dorm life:
We do not have a Day program and cannot arrange for host families.  We are strictly a boarding school experience.  Right now, our student body is approximately 26% international with over 15 countries representing almost every continent.


For breaks, our campus closes for 3 significant breaks (each 2 weeks). Most of our international students go home during these big breaks or stay with family arranged hosts.  In the case of a family having no contacts in the U.S., LuJing helps.  It is also common for classmates to become very close and often U.S. domestic student families invite international students to stay with them during the breaks.  We only allow this with mutual permission from all sets of parents.


Admission requirement:
No testing for admission
Skype or WeChat interview for international students
Campus visit is the best scenario.


Application deadline:
There is no application deadline as we have rolling admission.  However, it is contingent on space availability so I encourage an application for the upcoming school year ,beginning the end of August, to be received prior to June.


Our expectations for international students is the same for our domestic:  We want engaged, involved, friendly students (we are very relationship oriented here) who see the opportunities at Oak Hill Academy and have goals for themselves. The number one thing I look at in all admission decisions is how and where does the student want to GROW?   I would encourage an applicant to spend some time defining those goals and being able to articulate them on an interview. (Incidentally, this is also most helpful in the Visa interview as you know)  Our place in the boarding school market is in working with kids that want/need to grow, not necessarily those students who are already top achievers.  We are not a “sink or swim” environment and we excel at nurturing and supporting students toward growth – academic and personal.  While we are not a school for underachievers, we are a school for kids with untapped potential.  We motivate, engage and support.  This, incidentally, makes us ideal for international students as they enter the U.S. school system and University preparation.

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