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Saint James School
Coed, Boarding & Day, College Preparatory, Episcopal
17641 College Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740

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Founded 1842

Co-ed, grades 8-12

Enrollment 233; 75% boarding, 25% day

Affiliated with the Episcopal Church; accepting of all faiths

Located in Hagerstown, Maryland, ~70 miles from DC and Baltimore

Students from 15 states and 16 countries

15 AP courses offered

7:1 student-faculty ratio; average class size 11

600+ acre campus with natural spring (the Bai Yuka)

33 full-time teaching faculty; 56% hold advanced degrees


Sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, wrestling, field hockey, softball, volleyball, dance, martial arts


Full arts program: theatre, music, visual arts, dance


Accredited jointly by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools and Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and approved by the Maryland State Board of Education, Member of the Cum Laude Society, NACAC, PCACAC, ACCIS, College Board, NAIS, AIMS, the National Association of Episcopal Schools, The Association of Boarding Schools Need-based financial aid available


Saint James is a small, co-educational boarding school located roughly 75 miles from Washington DC.  75% of our students are 7-day boarding students, and 100% of our teaching faculty live on campus; as a result, Saint James operates much more like a family than a school.  Students and teachers live together, eat together, study together, and have fun together. 


Saint James is an Episcopal school, and we have mandatory chapel services each school day morning.  Most services are short 15 minute gatherings, while our Wednesday service is a full 60 minute mass.  Students are not required to be Episcopalian or Christian; we have students of every major faith and belief system in our student body.  All students, though, must be comfortable attending the required, inclusive morning services.  Once there, students are not required to participate but will need to be at least quiet and respectful. 


Overall, Saint James is looking for students of good character and personality that have excellent English, strong academics, and are honestly interested in being involved in both athletics and fine arts-- if students are particularly strong in a certain subject, sport, or fine art, so much the better.  Each year we are seeking to enroll roughly 65 new students-- roughly 25 in the 8th grade, 25-30 in the 9th grade, and 10-15 in grades 10 and 11.  The requirements (academic and English proficiency) are much more challenging for grades 10 and 11, though it is certainly possible.  


All of our applicants (domestic and international) must submit the following application pieces: 

online application (general information, student questionnaire, parent questionnaire), 3 teacher recommendations (Math, English, Counselor),

Grades (current year and previous year),

SSAT scores,

Interview (Skype or in-person). 

International students for whom English is not their primary language must also submit a TOEFL score. 

As Saint James does not have ESL classes, we do require that students have an 80 or higher for grades 8 and 9 and an 85 or higher for grades 10 and 11


The application deadline for all other students is January 31st.  For students/families that are 100% certain that Saint James is their #1 choice, we do offer an Early Decision (ED) option.  Much like with universities, the ED option at Saint James is binding; students that apply ED are agreeing to enroll if they are accepted, and they must withdraw any other application with other boarding or day schools.  The deadline for ED is December 1st, and the School will notify ED applicants of their decision by December 28th.  Early Decision is available to any student that is interested in applying to Saint James; however, if students are applying for financial aid, they will have to apply for Regular Decision.



2017-18 Tuition

Boarding: $46,000

Day: $30,700

Additional Fees

Textbooks $500

Student Discretionary Spending $1,000

Academic Support (as needed) $4,500

International Student Support* $6,000

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