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Wasatch Academy
Coed, Boarding, College preparatory
120 S 100 W - Mount Pleasant, UT 84647

Basic information

Founded Year: 1875

Campus Size: 30 acres

Grades Offered: 8-12,PG

Boarding Grades: 8--12,PG

Student #: Boarding #312, Day #35, Total# 347

International Students:40% (from 40 different countries)


Academic related:

Average Class Size: 12

Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:10

Number of AP Courses: 17 AP

Teachers Holding Advanced Degrees: 60%

ESL: offer


100% college acceptance!

100% of Wasatch graduates are admitted to a 4-year college or university

Test Site for: TEOFL and SAT

Students at all grade levels have access to college counselors

Graduates went to the world’s top universities including Harvard University, Oxford University, Princeton University, etc.


School highlights

1. Strong academics with 17 AP courses.

2. Excellent visual arts, performing arts, and music programs

3. Excellent athletics program with 12 varsity teams, including basketball, skiing, horse riding, etc.

4. Wasatch has the best equestrian program and offer scholarship for Rodeo and Equestrian Programs

5. The school facilities are great! The school campus is one of the most beautiful and safe campuses in the US.

6. Special programs including astronomy, robotic, computer science, arts, etc.



Nearest International Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (2hours)



Private ski hill and cabin, Indoor Equestrian arena


Mission Statement

Wasatch Academy provides a nurturing community that empowers young men and women to develop academically, socially, and morally, preparing them for college and for the challenges of living in the 21st century.



Wasatch Academy was founded in 1875 by Duncan J. McMillan. Today, Wasatch Academy is thriving with a student body at full capacity and plans for a new Technology Center, Equestrian Center, and Fine Arts Center all coming to fruition. Duncan McMillan said: "Let it endure like the Wasatch Mountains - call it Wasatch Academy." Dr. McMillan's words were a prophecy still being fulfilled.


Outdoor education

The Wasatch Academy outdoor program utilizes the marvels of Utah’s wilderness areas and National Parks to set students on a path of fun, adventure and self-reliance. Our students spend many weekends on ski slopes, hiking trails, equestrian rides or bike paths, and even those who arrive without an interest in the outdoors, soon embrace it. Daily classes like Rock-climbing, Outdoor Skills, Hiking, and Biking, help students to learn technical skills, to implement safe practices, and to build confidence as they try something new or hone an existing passion. First aid, trip planning, map and compass reading, gear maintenance are all part of the experience, so students soon become skilled and confident in their ability to be life-long outdoor enthusiasts. We emphasize the value we place on outdoor activities as profound learning opportunities.


Rodeo and Equestrian Programs

The Wasatch Academy equestrian program recognizes the importance of horses for many students and provides a range of expert training and guidance. Competitive riders can develop their Western and English riding skills under the tutelage of former champions while recreational riders can explore the many trails that wind through the surrounding mountains. From beginning to advanced, our equestrian program offers something for every student.


Students can choose from eight horses owned by Wasatch Academy or bring their own horse. Through a partnership with the City of Mt. Pleasant, our equestrian program operates in one of the largest equine facilities in the state of Utah. The facility includes an indoor arena, outdoor riding pen, galloping track, 20 boarding pens and 100 hundred acres of open pasture. The facility allows the school to host demonstration shows, competitions and clinics by visiting experts.


Wasatch Academy is excited to offer two High School Rodeo Team scholarships valued at $54,900 each! The Wasatch Academy rodeo program builds cowboys and cowgirls into top rodeo athletes and champions. The competition rodeo team practices hard, competes hard, and studies equally hard. You see, even though Wasatch Academy has been building one of the premier high school rodeo and equestrian programs in the nation, our goal always is to provide students a safe, trustworthy educational environment built around the values of dignity, respect, and kindness. For decades, this has prepared Wasatch Academy graduates for success in college and the world.


Instruction at the school and in the rodeo program centers around providing unparalleled individual attention to each student. This approach to teaching and guiding a student leads them to find their individual voice, discover their purpose and their passions, and to flourish and be successful. Students have fun and enjoy the day-to-day interactions with friends and fellow students, instructors, and the bridge of challenging academics to activities and outdoor adventures.


Academic Courses:

ENGLISHEnglish, English Literature, American Literature

MATH: Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Logic and problem solving, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics, University Mathematics

SOCIAL STUDIES: Global studies, American History, Government and politics, Psychology,

SCIENCE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Biochemistry, Genetics, chemistry and photography, Equine science, Astronomy

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Chinese, Latin, Spanish

FINE ARTS: Drawing and painting, Art portfolio, Image making, Photoshop, Ceramics

MUSIC: Music Composition, Music Theory, Music history, Guitar, Jazz, Fusion ensemble, Classical ensemble, Piano

DANCE: Ballet, Jazz, Modern dance, Hip Hop, Yoga/Pilates

THEATREActing and Comedy, design for theatre, theatre production, Script to performanceFilm

TECHNOLOGY: Computer Programming, Computer Science, Robotics, Animation, Game design, Digital arts design, Digital audio

ESL: Grammar, Writing, Listen and pronunciation, Literature, Current events, TOEFL, Global studies,

OTHER: Community Service, Driver Education, Equestrian Sports, Field Ecology, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Study Skills



English Language, English Literature, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics B, Physics C, Environmental Science, US History, US Government & Politics, European History, Psychology, Spanish Language, Chinese Language & Culture, Computer Science



Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Track and field, Alpine skiing, Ski, Snowboard, Equestrian, Cross-country, Swimming,



Martial artsCamping, Cheerleading, Golf, Hiking, BMX freestyle biking, SkateboardingRock climbing, Yoga, Dance, AerobicsArcheryBasketballBowling Cross-country runningCyclingFencingFitnessFlag footballGolfKarateMountain bikingOutdoor club/skillsRappelling Skate-boardingSkatingSkiingTable tennisTennisUltimate frisbeeVolleyballWeight liftingother (Paintball)


Clubs and activities:

Community ServiceModel United NationsCeramicsMusicStudent AmbassadorsStudent GovernmentTheatreComputer ClubDebate ClubDrama ClubInternational ClubLiterary MagazineMath ClubNational Honor SocietyChessSki Club Tour GuidesYearbook


College Counseling  

Wasatch Academy’s college counselors take a personalized approach to best accommodate each student’s individual needs and strengths. Our counselors encourage students to search for schools that are the best fit for their academic and personal interests throughout the entire application process. Each year, 100 percent of Wasatch Academy students gain admittance into colleges and universities around the world.  


Colleges attended by our student

Harvard University

Princeton University

New York University

Northwestern University

California Institute of Technology

University of Chicago

University of Pennsylvania

Cornell University

Columbia University

Boston College 

Boston University

Brandeis University

University of Michigan

University of Southern California

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

Oxford University

College of William and Mary

Emory University

California College of Arts

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

New York Film Academy

Pratt Institute 


Tuition and Board for international students: $59,000

The total fee is $59,000 which includes ESL fees.


Dorm life: 6 dormsStudents per Dorm Room: 2

Each student grows into himself or herself thanks to the care extended by the full-time dorm parents, who provide a living environment for our students. All our dorm parents strive to prepare a student for life at college, providing opportunities to develop personally, socially, and academically, while still allowing the exercise of personal freedom and accountability, under supervision, with appropriate boundaries.


Living on this campus among Wasatch Academy faculty and students in an intimate, nurturing community, allows your child to find his or her own unique identity, to develop talents, to enjoy an extended family, and to establish friendships for life.


Our professional staff of full-time dorm parents, dedicated to enriching each student’s living experience, live in the dorms with the students. This provides a number of benefits:

Dorm parents know each student individually.

Dorm parents assesses a student’s progress constantly, providing positive encouragement and motivational support when needed.

Acknowledges homesickness or “bad days.”

Dorm parents are available to their students 24/7.

Dorm parents are not distracted by other teaching or coaching responsibilities.

Dorm parents are educated – minimum Bachelor’s degree required.

Dorm parents are experienced with adolescent needs.

They care about and are passionate about supporting adolescents.

Have a keen understanding of current issues facing adolescents.

Plan and deliver weekly curriculum within the dorms on topics promoting growth and development.

Provide a safe environment and a family atmosphere.



Each dorm has a storage area. Space is limited so students may only store 5 boxes at the end of the year. Bedding, desk items and clothing are appropriate to store. Items of great value should be shipped home. Ski, snowboards, bikes etc. cannot be left at school.


Students are required to be in the dorms Monday-Thursday by 9:20 p.m., by 10:00 p.m. (10:30 p.m. for Seniors) Friday and Saturday, and by 9:20 p.m. again on Sundays. In addition to these set times, times will arise throughout the year necessitating in-dorm times; dorm parents and other residential life faculty will determine when these times are necessary.


Each student has access to laundry facilities in every dorm. These facilities are provided according to a schedule determined by each dorm parent. Laundry fees are included in tuition. Laundry supplies can be purchased at the school book store or on one of the recreation trips.


Our campus boasts an amazing Coffeehouse where students can casually hang out and on the weekends, listen to live music from classmates.

* Each dorm has a lounge with a family feel, where students are often seen watching movies.

* The student center has popular areas including air hockey, pool, ping pong, a large lounge area with big screen TV, etc.

* There are fast food establishments near the school where many students chat while drinking a milk shake.


Dinner is served in the Student Center from 5:30-6:30, but it is understood that a student’s appetite often extends later into the evening.

* Each dorm is therefore equipped with a full kitchen that is available to students according to a schedule determined by each dorm parent.

* Students will have off-campus shopping opportunities during which they can purchase food to be stored in their rooms or in the kitchen.

* Additionally, there are several fast food and delivery restaurants that the students will have access to – at the discretion of the dorm parent and other residential life faculty.


Each student is required to have a computer. Apple products are required for access to our network. All underclassmen are required to turn in the laptops and tablets at night to Dorm parents. This helps support a student’s healthy sleep patterns and management of oneself. We have a student network and Internet use policy that must be accepted before network access is allowed.


The Wellness Center on campus is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sick call is from 8am-8:30am. Students check in with the nurses at that time if they are not feeling well. The nurse will take a student to the doctor, if needed. The nurses take care of students until 8pm when a student returns to their dorm room for the night. If the Wellness Center is not open, there is always a school nurse on call. Students can talk with their dorm parents about their illness. The dorm parents call the nurses when appropriate.


HolidayNormally international students will return home for the Christmas holiday. Our break is long, giving them adequate time at home. On some occasions we will arrange a homestay for the students, or they will spend the holiday with a friend who lives in the United States.

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