Tuition and fees

What is the True Cost of Boarding School?


At some schools, tuition, or, tuition, room, and board, includes everything. At other schools, it may include everything, but books and incidentals. Some schools may take a more itemized approach by listing tuition, room & board, books, supplies, transportation, athletics, field trips, weekend activities, etc.


It is very common that some programs cost extra charges, such as: English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, Learning Skills Programs, Study Abroad Programs.  


Here's a simple formula that I suggest you use to begin looking at potential boarding school costs.  Add the applicable items below to build a better picture of what it'll cost to attend boarding school:

1. Tuition, Room, Board

2. Additional Academic Programs

3. ESL programs

4. Transportation To and From School

5. Uniforms/School Clothes

6. Books

7. Student account or allowance 

8. Other optional costs (field trips, weekend transportation, athletic billing, etc.)

Total expenses: ____________


Boarding schools’ cost of attendance varies depend on school’s location, religion background, and Sources of financial support. Here are some examples:


Canyonville Christian Academy, OR, USA

Tuition and Board for international students: $27,500 (2016-2017)

Include tuition, room, board, books, health insurance, activities, photo package, yearbook and Wi-Fi access. ESL classes are also included. It does not include P. E. uniform ($15), any outside testing such as SAT or TOEFL. Extra fees: $100 application fee, $250 room deposit (refundable) and $600 incidental fee to cover airport transportation, TOEFL, SAT, etc.


Camden Military Academy, SC, USA

Tuition and Board for international students: $35,995(2016-2017)

Include Application Fee, Tuition and Board, Uniforms, International Fee, Spending Money, Books, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Trips, Special Medical Care, Property Maintenance, Activities over Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break as well as Activity Fees. It does not include, special medical care beyond the facilities of the infirmary, driver’s education, flying lessons, diploma fee, spending money for Fall/Thanksgiving/Spring Breaks or willful destruction of property.


Saint Stanislaus, MS, USA

Tuition and Board for international students: $33,950 

Include Tuition and Board, Books, Weekend Trips, host family arrangements over Thanksgiving Break. It does not include, weekly allowance, medical care, ESL, uniforms, academic assistance.


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