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GE: Golden Education, founded in 2011, has been offering middle and high school students from around the world the opportunity to live and study in US boarding schools. Our students are mainly come from Asia(China, Japan, Thailand, Korean, Vietnam), Europe(France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,Belgium, Poland, Spanish, Turkey),South America(Brazil,Venezuela,Chile).


GE recruits international students whose goals and abilities are well matched to GE Partner boarding Schools. This invites students to engage and flourish in the school community. GE provides support services to Partner Schools that enable them to better accommodate the diverse needs of their international student body. We simplify the application process with careful attention to and understanding of the specific needs, goals and cultures of our Partner Schools.


The application to GE partner boarding schools are quite easy and fast, with only one application package you can submit to multiple boarding schools. We use scan files to process the application, student shall take the original application documents to school when they arrive at school.


Please submit applications to GE Application manager Cissy:  cissy@goldeneducationusa.com .

For questions regarding boarding school application, please contact GE Application manager Cissy:  cissy@goldeneducationusa.com.


Our mission:
Make it easier for young students to experience a worldwide education and develop skills for living in a culturally diverse world.


Why choose a boarding school:

  •     Boarding schools offer plenty of individual instruction for students with special needs.
  •     Boarding schools usually charge more so they can balance their budgets very well to hire better teacher, etc.
  •     Most boarding schools offer extensive athletic programs and extracurricular activities.
  •     Boarding schools offer 24/7 supervision.
  •     Most boarding school faculties live in apartments in the dormitories with the students as dorm parents.
  •     At boarding school, students will be in a safe, secure place in the company of dozens of new, like-minded friends.
  •     The diversity of student body at boarding schools offers great chance for global culture exchange experience.


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